Festival’s Terms & Conditions


Works must be submitted by:

 Professional cameramen

 Students

TV companies

 Studios or creative unions

 Copyright owners

All of the mentioned above will be known as the ‘participant’ on the entry form and the responsible party according to ‘Festival Participation Terms and Conditions’.

Submitted works must fit the following terms:

• Resolution – no less than 1920x1080 Full HD;

• Works can be a feature film or a documentary film, video sketches, video profiles, music videos, etc.;

• Works should be submitted in digital format;

• Submitted work should be produced not before than two years from the festival date.

Works nominated at the festival should be submitted together with the following information: advertising and press materials (if any), poster, information about the authors and the director of the film.

Participants will be informed about nominated films via e-mail, please, make sure that the e-mail address used in the registration form is valid and regularly active.


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