About the Festival

The 21st century is an era rapid development of visual art, modern technologies enable people to obtain information and be up to date with changes around the world.  Our vision of world is mostly based on cameramen and their professionalism, besides they remain unknown, standing behind cameras.  Cameramen often at the expanse of his/her life provide us shots from the epicenter of military actions or zone of natural disasters, on the other hand movie cameramen are catching our eyes with  charming and fascinating shots.

From 2009, Georgia hosts International Festival of TV and Movie Cameramen “Golden Eye”, the main goal of the festival is to support the development of movie and TV cameramen, promote and stimulate their work, identify and encourage the best. Festival attracts participants from all over the world and as visitors are mentioning it is a unique event.

Submission entries from all over the world are judged by leading professionals of the field. Grand prix “Golden Eye” is assigned to distinguished work.


Winners of „Golden Eye“ are revealed in the following nominations:



Who can participate: