The “Golden Eye” Festival is an extraordinary event that brings together the most creative minds in the filmmaking and television industry. The festival’s inception in Georgia in 2009, thanks to the International Fund for Innovative Technologies, has made it a must-attend event every year. With over 300 attendees from various countries and more than 500 worldwide entries, it is no doubt the most popular platform to showcase unique talents and inspiring ideas. The festival offers excellent educational opportunities with industry experts conducting classes and screenings of movies and TV shows. With its growing popularity, “Golden Eye” is a vital event that provides an encouraging environment for aspiring filmmakers and TV creators. We are confident that the festival’s success will continue to inspire creatives everywhere and provide a platform for the industry’s future stars.

World-Class Jury: 2023

The Golden Eye Festival takes pride in its commitment to excellence. Our film competition features a distinguished jury panel that is truly world-class. We’ve carefully assembled a team of industry experts who not only understand the nuances of cinematic artistry but are also passionate about recognizing and rewarding exceptional talent.  Submit Your Work

Profession: Director

Profession: Cinematographer

Proffesion: Cinematographer

Director of photography

- John Henshall

Masterclass Title: A Lifetime of Photographing the Moving Image

- Hiro Narita

Masterclass Title: Beyond the frame lines

- Kevin Trueblood

Masterclass Title: About Broadcast Engineers