Festival’s Terms & Conditions​

2023 Cameraperson Competition: Exclusive to Georgian Contestants

In the upcoming 2023 Cameramen Competition, we are excited to announce that participation is exclusively open to Georgian contestants. We look forward to celebrating and showcasing the incredible talent within our own borders.

Competition Categories for 2023:

  • Risk Shot: 
  • The Best Cameraperson Work: 
  • The Best Student Work: 

Submitted Works Requirements: To be considered for the festival, submitted works must meet the following criteria:

  1. Resolution: Works should have a minimum resolution of 1920×1080 Full HD.

  2. Eligible Formats: Works can include feature films, documentary films, video sketches, video profiles, music videos, and more.

  3. Digital Format: All works must be submitted in digital format.

Eligibility to Participate: To enter the Artwork Festival, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Own the rights to the artwork.
  • Have explicit permission from the content owner to submit the artwork to us.

Required Submission Information: For works nominated at the festival, participants should provide the following information along with their submission:

  • Advertising and press materials (if applicable).
  • A poster representing the work.
  • Information about the authors and the director of the film.
  • The date of creation of the work.
  • Brief information about the work

Usage of Selected Works: The festival may utilize a selection of the submitted works solely for the following purposes:

  • Television coverage.
  • Promotional and informational materials related to the festival.

Notification of Nominations: Participants whose works are nominated for the festival will receive notification via email. It’s essential to ensure that the email address provided in the registration form is valid and regularly monitored. 


Works must be submitted by:

Professional cameramen


TV companies

Studios or creative unions

Copyright owners